It is a new world. The USA has a new President and many new precedents, ranging from the laughable to the grotesque. This winter I visited America for the first time. This is our America issue.

America takes her name from Amerigo Vespucci, an Italian explorer who was the first to demonstrate that Brazil and the West Indies did not represent the Eastern edge of Asia – as Columbus had thought – but another continent altogether. In a letter published in late 1502 or early 1503 Vespucci called it<em> Mundus Novus</em>: the New World. The first map to display the New World as separate land mass was produced by Martin Waldseemüller in April 1507. It is called the <em>Universalis Cosmographia</em>, and in its depiction of the world things get pretty vague across the Atlantic, but America is there – an idea of it, anyway. And it was also this map that gave the continent its name: taking the feminine version of the Latinised name of Amerigo.


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